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How the Structure of Your Meal Can Make Dieting Easy

Updated: Jan 22

Classic dieting will have us believe we need to rely on our willpower to lose weight, when in reality we can make things much less painful for ourselves by structuring our meals properly!

Often when we are choosing foods with the pursuit of fat loss in mind we will look at our options and ask ourselves ‘is this good or bad?’ or ‘is this going to help me lose weight?’ 

The problem with this is when we choose foods that we think will help us lose weight we often choose things that are small, bland and not satisfying. Which then leads us to quickly give up and assume healthy eating just isn’t for us.

But we want you to instead start asking yourself, will this food keep me full and give me energy?

People who eat large portions of vegetables, protein and carbs tend to find sticking to their healthy eating much easier, because they’re satisfied. 

So this is our method for creating a meal that keeps you full & makes fat loss easier!

Step 1. Pick a lean protein (chicken, fish, lean beef, tofu) about 150-200g (raw weight) is a good amount.

Step 2. Pick a carb (potato, rice, pasta) and serve yourself a palm sized portion. This is about 200g of raw potato, 125g of cooked rice, 80-90g raw pasta.

Step 3. Add lots of veggies! About 1-2 cups of starchy vegetables like capsicum, green beans, broccoli. 

Step 4. Add fats! Being cautious of your fat intake will help keep you full whilst also meeting your diet calorie needs. This looks like a tsp of olive oil, ¼ avocado etc. 

Step 5. Last but not least add some flavour, you can add Mexican seasoning, curry sauce, teriyaki marinade whatever you want! Just be cautious of the amount and be aware of what pre-made sauces might contain - some are higher in calories than others. 

So there you go! We use this blueprint for all our main meals, especially if the goal is fat loss because they really keep us full.

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