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How to stay consistent in the gym 

You’ve probably heard the more obvious advice like get a gym buddy or pay for accountability- which is definitely great advice, but what about when you only have yourself to rely on?

Well let’s first look at why you’re avoiding the gym; 

You lack confidence

Confidence is a hard one but the only way you’ll build it is through getting better at the exercises you’re performing, and we get better by practicing. 

So give yourself permission to do things badly, but also keep things simple. We always stick to the same few workouts for a minimum of 6 weeks because this means we get confident at those moves and we know where all the gym equipment is (so we don’t wander around wasting time and feeling self conscious). You will build confidence through action, but you have to feel a little silly at first, it’s the only way!

You don’t see the value in going if you’re not doing it perfectly 

One of the biggest barriers to consistency is thinking it’s only worth going if you can do your best workout ever, but unfortunately life doesn’t work this way. You need to go even when you don’t feel like it, even when you know you’re not in the mood to absolutely smash your session. So our hot tip is to just go, and if you do an average session, fine! But the likelihood is that you’ll get there and do better than you thought you would 🙂

You don’t have time

We get that life can be busy but have you ever considered that maybe you’re just not scheduling your workouts in? Sometimes the answer is as simple as putting it in your calendar like you would a meeting. Also, sometimes ‘lack of time’ is a real barrier, and sometimes it’s an easy excuse to avoid what makes us uncomfortable. 

If you really are short for time as we all can be on occasion, shorten your workouts to 20-30 minutes and just do what you can. There’s always time for something even if it’s small! Again, this is where the perfectionist mindset gets in the way. Something is always better than nothing!

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