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Our Story


Our mission is to help women achieve a healthy body and mind- all the while maintaining a life they love. 


Sara spent so many years killing herself in the gym, over exercising and still never achieving the shape she was working so hard for. Hannah spent many years dieting, feeling lost and frustrated that she could never get the results she wanted, despite never allowing herself to fully enjoy food or life to the fullest.


When we discovered coaching, it was a light bulb moment for us both. We finally had the skills and the answers, so we knew we had to share them with others. 


After years of working 1:1 with women, we decided to start The Fit and Hungry Girls to combine our knowledge and create a platform that would allow us to reach as many people as possible. 


We are so happy you’ve found us! We couldn’t be more passionate about helping women overcome the struggles we ourselves have faced. So if you want to cut through the noise of the diet industry, feel strong and confident, create freedom in your life and take control of your health- then this is the place for you.

Meet The Team

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