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If you are looking to begin your fat loss journey- this is the program you need! The Beginners Guide to Fat Loss is a step-by-step plan for figuring out your calories, keeping yourself accountable and problem solving the most common fat loss dilemmas we see. The booklet also comes with 12 low calorie recipes that will help you create REAL and SUSTAINABLE change.  


What’s included? 


  • A guide on how to figure out your calorie needs & how to track accurately. 

  • Tips on how to manage socialising whilst pursuing fat loss.

  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions we get when clients pursue fat loss.

  • 12 low calorie recipes. (3 breakfast options. 3 lunch options, 4 dinner options, 2 snack options) 


This is a guide for you to learn how to eat according to YOUR requirements. It’s perfect for those who are starting on their health journey and for those who want to have the freedom to eat what they want and still be able to meet their goals. Whether your goal is to create more freedom in your diet, learn more about your personal nutrition needs, or to create the fat loss you’ve long been chasing, we've got your back! 

Beginners Guide to Fat Loss eBook

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