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- Sarah N

"Sara has changed my life! I never thought that after having had 3 children, that I would ever weigh what I did then! But with the help of Sara, I managed to achieve this in 7 months. I used to have the worst relationship with food. I would eat the bare minimum. I would do HIIT, barre, pilates 6 times a week and barely made any progress. Now I do strength training 3 times a week and educate myself weekly with the help of an amazing coach. I eat more than I ever have, my training performance is at an all-time high. I eat carbs for every meal and eat chocolate EVERY SINGLE DAY. I couldn't have done it without her guidance. She has literally changed my life and there is no going back!"

Coach: Sara Mesa

- Jess

"One of the best decisions I made in 2023 – truly life changing! Hannah is passionate, caring, and so knowledgeable. She is great at adapting to what you need each week and always knows the right thing to say to keep you feeling on track and positive! It is such a relief and motivating to finally have a sustainable process I trust in, can achieve and enjoy at the same time 😊 Would HIGHLY recommend – thank you so much Hannah! <3"

Coach: Hannah Baillie

- Cheniqua R

"You have really been one of the biggest life changing/influential people in my life! I wish I could do more to thank you!

I think I was 66kg before starting with you and I weighed 55kg this morning. My measurements from my waist went from 77cm to 86cm and my glutes from 97 to 93cm. But not just the numbers, my mental state is better, I feel confident, I don't feel bloated, I feel strong, I eat a lot, I don't push myself to run 10kms 3 times a week with no results, my period is so regular and my body just feels in tune. I am happy it's taken one year as now it's a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix.”

Coach: Sara Mesa

- Jaz S

"Hannah was a fantastic coach. I had tried a lot of the popular fitness programs but never felt like I was really getting a “personalized” experience that they claim to provide. Hannah was not only super thorough and knowledgeable but truly makes you feel supported and that she is really guiding on the right path to achieving your goals. I would highly recommend Hannah to anyone looking for a coach who is understanding, supportive but knows how to challenge you to be the best version of yourself!"

Coach: Hannah Baillie

- Melissa H

"Working with you has honestly been one of the best decisions I've made for myself this year. I'm so grateful for the guidance and support you've given me and for the changes I've been able to make while working with you. When I think back to how I was feeling within myself before I met you, I was in a completely different spot- both physically and mentally. I am just so much happier and more confident now which is amazing."

Coach: Sara Mesa

- Sheridan

"The knowledge that you have given me and the way you have completely changed the way I look at food and fueling my body is completely life changing. I am so much happier, my relationship with food is the healthiest it has ever been in my life, I feel stronger and fitter than ever, and I continue to try and educate other women about everything you have taught me. I came into it thinking that I wanted to change my body, but what I got out of working with you was so much more than that. I have so much food freedom, and in that process have found so much self love. I am so glad that I took that leap of faith with you because you have honestly changed my life, and completely changed the way I view myself. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Coach: Hannah Baillie

Carli H

"I started my journey with Sara in April of last year. In that time I have lost over 10kgs. Which in itself is amazing, but it’s the way in which I have done it that blows me away.
At no point have I felt that I’ve been on a gruelling exercise program, Sara only recommends 3 weights sessions per week, that’s it!
The diet side of things has also been very surprising. Never in a million years did I think I’d be able to eat so much food and still lose weight. I haven’t been in a massive calorie deficit, I’ve never felt like I’ve gone without anything. If there’s been something I’ve ever wanted to eat, it’s been very easy to make an allowance for it in my daily calories. If I’ve had the odd night out, we’ve worked it into my weeks allowance.
I’ve tried multiple other weight loss programs over the years and while they’ve all felt like punishment, Sara’s program has not felt difficult at all, and the results speak for themselves.
I especially love Sara’s personalised approach and her 1 on 1 support. I look forward to our weekly chats. Sara is the best coach I’ve ever had!"

Coach: Sara Mesa

- Alex H

"Hannah helps you understand what a balanced life should be. Of course we all have bad weeks, we are human. But what I like about Hannah is that she wants you to understand why you do certain things, whether it be through journaling, having a video call, chatting with your partner, self reflection, etc. Learning the patterns you make and understanding what your triggers are is key. Over the last year I have finally understood why I do certain things and how I can work on my tiggers. I have learned how to properly nourish my body with foods that will keep me full and satisfied. Overall, I have created a healthy relationship with myself and food. I could not be more grateful for Hannah‘s help to allow me to see myself for who I am and not to mention a body and mind that I’m proud of!"

Coach: Hannah Baillie

Sarah N
Cheniqua R
Jaz S
Melissa H
Alex H
Carli H
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